Fire retardant fabrics for every collaboration: this is Optimum

17 September, 2019


We are going into more depth today on each collection within our newest fire retardant fabric range, Optimum.


"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller


From the very beginning, FR-One has aimed to help our customers to get the best results in their interiors projects, no matter where in the world they are.


FR-One strives to do this by equipping industry professionals with high performance interior fabrics that are both beautiful and conform to all worldwide fire retardant safety standards.


Working together for optimum results


With Optimum, we take this a step further, by connecting, creating and collaborating to become your chosen partner for success and growth.


We believe that you can define what success looks like for you, and with Optimum, we aim to meet your high standards.


Read on for a tantalising description of each collection in the Optimum range, and explore for yourself on our products page.


‘ 3 DESIGNS, 20 SKUs

Optimum’s show stopping sheer collection features three inspiring designs.

‘Ombre’, a broad multicolour degrade stripe in rich metallic hues with a dimensional and tactile surface texture.

‘Oscillate’ - a playful take on a classic pinstripe, and luxurious leno weave.

‘Obduce’, presents a beautiful chainmail effect.


‘ 2 DESIGNS, 24 SKUs

Inspired by contemporary tailoring and suiting, ‘Obay’ and ‘Osmic’ have an uncomplicated and refined simplicity. ‘Osmic’, a smart and fi ne texture impeccably complements ‘Obay’, a debonair herringbone.



An impeccably light, soft, and silky smooth sheer with a supple fluidity. Add a sense of dreaminess to any interior as ‘Optima’ curtains defuse the light with captivating luminosity.




A double act of deluxe velvets, suitable for both drapery and upholstery. ‘Odeon’, a true classic, features a matt plush pile while ‘Opulent’ takes centre stage with a dramatic and luminous sheen – both velvets inject a sense of luxury to any space.




Oolong is a tranquil duo of sheers with a natural look and touch. ‘Oxidant’, a structured semi-opaque sheer with generous weight and volume meets, ‘Ophelia’, a fine and graceful sheer with a dry natural touch and delicate slub effect.




A tactile multi-purpose texture available in a range of strong and sophisticated on-trend colours. ‘Ouzo’s’ combination of splendour and versatility will see this item become a core product within the FR-One range.




A collection of jacquard sheers with a soft matt muslin finish. ‘Oscine’, an elongated hexagon, and ‘Odin’, a geometric honeycomb, are both fil coupe sheers. While ‘Orb’ depicts a subtle small-scale wave design giving this quality the feeling of quiet relief and texture.

Ole concludes with ‘Odette’, an essential plain in 13 spot-on colours seamlessly complementing any project.



1 DESIGN, 19 SKUs ‘Ossimi’s’ dry yet soft touch evokes the feeling of felt and each colourway presents an alluring mélange of tones to complement any interior project. This specially developed wool-like quality is suitable for multipurpose application.



‘Oracle’ features a beautifully irregular cross-dyed effect that evokes a natural look and feel. A semi-opaque drapery in wide width that creates beautiful curtains with a sense of serenity and tranquillity.1 DESIGN, 12 SKUs




Optimun’s compendium range of drapery jacquards offers damasks, geometrics, and textures – all 6 designs have the added benefit of being wide width allowing for the production of continuous and seamless curtains.

‘Objet’, a stunning damask jacquard, is cleverly constructed to give this item amazing texture and dimension.

‘Oxim’, a striking geometric. ‘Ornate’ and ‘Opal’ are sumptuous floral damask designs, complimented by ‘Opportune’ and ‘Ordain’ - small-scale jacquards conveying texture and ease.


A note on our photoshoot

All of the fabulous photographs of this range were shot in Fosbury & Sons’ co-working space in heart of Brussels. With its characteristic façade of curved concrete modules, Constantin Brodzki’s architectural gem has an immediate, lasting visual impact.

Refurbished inside as a co-working space that stresses the dynamic value of the humanity of its inhabitants, we thought it was very fitting to showcase our newest collection within its walls. The richness of the Optimum range works wonderfully in this modernist environment and we’re delighted to finally reveal our photography to you.

For more information on Optimum, please get in touch or visit our partners’ page.