7 small space design lessons we learned from the 'tiny home' trend

01 June, 2019

Fold Up or Let it Go

Anything worthy of being in a tiny house needs to be multi-functional. One of the best ways to determine if that piece you are eyeing fits the bill is if it is foldable. Small space living requires versatile options that free up floor space when not in use. And a great example of this can be found in the bedroom area. The bed. Ideal beds can be tucked away or broken down when not in use. Think foldable bed that doubles as a couch during the day. Or a bed that transforms into a dinner table. Yes, it is a thing.

Reflections Galore

Mirrors are an essential item in tiny houses. Why? It’s because these brilliant reflectors effortlessly maximize the look of your open plan! First and foremost, mirrors can help you shine light on the darkest, hard to reach areas in your tiny home. Only tricky part is deciding where to place them to get the best reflect angle. To accomplish this in a quick manner, go for multiple mirrors. Preferably fashionable ones that match your interior design. Second, mirrors are really good at making a space seem bigger. Don’t believe us? Try it! Once you equip your interior architecture with a couple of delightful and shiny mirrors, your small space it will appear much, much more roomier than before.

Keep it Clutter-Free

The tiny home movement is all about simple, clutter-free living. And that takes work. One of the major obstacles to overcome when you are first starting out is learning how to evaluate potential must-haves. To determine which ones will aptly complement your new lifestyle, consider the following 3 questions. Does it earn the right to be in your tiny living space? Will the item grant more square feet than other pieces? Is it complementing the entire living room and tiny home lifestyle? If the answers are mostly yes, the piece is a prime candidate! Especially if the last question got a yes. Functional pieces that complement the interior architecture and design of your tiny home are essential. Think of them as somewhat similar to center pieces on a table. That's where your eyes are going to wander to and focus on.

Avoid Drab. Explore the Rainbow!

As with any interior design project, decor matters. Sure, foldable furniture and multipurpose items are a staple. But being bland is not part of the tiny house movement. So, show off what your micro home is all about! Being beautiful, simplistic, and comfortable. You can achieve this in all sorts of ways. So play around with your color options! Find the perfect shades to complement your furniture,mood, or preferred style. Even if that means transforming your open plan into a bold, futuristic setting.

Your Foundation

Another key element to consider in your interior design project: the floor. Take a look at the interior of your tiny house on wheels.Let your eyes flow from ceiling to floor. How does it visually feel? Do not worry if it feels somewhat off. There are workarounds. The base of your small space has its own look and texture. And they need to be taken into consideration when planning your interior design. Ideally, pieces you choose should work well with the foundation’s unique characteristics.

Test the Waters

Over time, unused items will become easy to spot. Namely, due to the fact that they will start to hinder your daily flow. If you do not want to let this painful observation creep up on you until it becomes overwhelming, test a specific item for a week. Take note of how frequently the piece is used. Compare this to how often you look at it. If you are looking at it more than using it and it is not pure decor, consider tossing it out sooner rather than later.

Must-Have Seasonals

There are going to be some infrequently used essentials in your tiny living space. For example, clothing. To keep these items around without cluttering your livingspace, storage is needed. A positive way to accomplish this is by adding furniture equipped with this type of functionality. One specific item to scope out is your bed set up. Try to go for bed frames that have drawers below them. Another good one to seek are seats and chairs with compartments. Be sure to mull over all the possible storage space solutions so you can address a wide variety of cases along the way. Making the most of your tiny home is easy. With the right pieces and decor. Ideal pieces include foldable furniture and items that provide storage space so you can maintain the clutter-free goal. When it comes to interior design, start with the floor and work your way up. And remember, going bold in a calculated way can really pay off.