10 steps to glamorous hotel interiors

26 June, 2019


    1: Take a holistic approach to colour palettes

    When setting the tone for your glamorous hotel, choosing the right colour palette is key. These colors should collectively work together to paint an unforgettable picture. Preferably one that screams “famous and important people stay here”. The best way to go about ensuring your hotel interiors meet this expectation is by using your colours in a holistic manner. As in, think of your palette as a package deal rather than separate shades. These colours should work together in a complimentary fashion. Keeping this in mind, you can generate a sophisticated space using more than just neutral colours -


    2: Go all out in your lobby with ultra-glamorous interior design

    Lobbies have an open plan, and sometimes even a living room like area, to compensate for a plethora of incoming guests. Keep these large crowds in a positive mood by giving their hungry, tired eyes something to feast on. Make sure your wall coverings offer them something to gander at. A tried and true method to achieve this is via wallpaper. These wall coverings range from ornate patterns to vivid scenes. They can be used as a statement piece to provide a place for the eye to focus in on before expanding out to the rest of the interior design.


    3: Add visual depth with different textures and materials

    By including textured wallpaper, you can even add a bit of depth, visually. This works wonders in hotel rooms. Just like with mirrors, patterns that seem to pop out from the walls tend to make the area seem bigger than it actually is. The goal is to generate a very stunning hotel experience by applying eye-catching wallpaper. That said, there are some key things to bear in mind. Namely, wall coverings are a bit demanding. Especially when it comes to pairing with paint. So be sure to let the wallpaper dictate which colour palette you go with.


    4: Use your interior architecture to your advantage

    The way a hotel interior is built will heavily affect your design options. Nevertheless, you want to work with the structure to bring out its charm and shape. To initialize this process, try a few styles out - there are a lot of apps in the market to test drive. Mix and match them to get a sense of what is possible. Combine this information with the wallpaper and colour palette you’ve selected for a fancy, unforgettable view. That said, there is one important thing to remember beyond this step. The heavily accented wall as a focal point is no longer in style. Keep things balanced and holistically fancy.


    5: Upholstery isn't only for chairs and sofas

    Even if guests aren’t touching the interior designs, their eyes are. Treat them to splendor and excitement with textured features. A prime location is in the hotel room itself. When guests walk in, let them feast their eyes on visually appealing upholstered headboards. This single interior feature creates a sense of Hollywood glamour with distinct ease. When used with sophisticated furniture design, this combination instantly generates a ‘wow’ factor worth talking about.


    6: Soft interiors with curvy edges amp up the comfort level

    Soft furnishings instinctively remind us of comfort. Utilizing this evolutionary sense to your advantage is key to creating a glamorous and sophisticated hotel experience. A novel way to approach this idea is envisioning how to increase guest’s comfort level to the point that they feel pampered. Don’t worry, this can be done with the right interior design. For example, soft furnishings pair well with curvy furniture. And walking into a room with intricate details, comfortable soft interiors, and curvy edges everywhere can be quite alluring.


    7: Embrace the unexpected in your interiors

    People like to feel special. Give your guests that personalized experience. Equip each of your rooms with eclectic styling and make their stay unique. Here’s the idea. You want visitors to feel happy, pampered, and welcome each time they return. To generate that same feeling repeatedly requires a change in scenery. Sure you can try to redecorate between each of their visits. However, a more practical method is to design each room differently. That way every visit has its own distinct luxury.


    8: Tropical design doesn't have to be tacky

    Step away from the traditional hotel design and dive into something a bit more tropical. Think urban jungle on a remote island somewhere. But without all the bugs. Implement an outdoor theme that is reminiscent of being on a beach somewhere watching the tide roll in. A relaxing environment capable of generating a high-class mini vacation is glamorous in and of itself. Add in a variety of themes to each room and your hotel quickly becomes a must-do repeat experience.


    9: Build on the foundations of your design

    As we mentioned above, working with interior architecture is the best option when it comes to redecorating. When re-tiling the entire floor is simply not an option, seek out sophisticated rugs. Preferably soft or textured statement pieces that enhance the hotel design.


    10: Hotel lobbies are a missed opportunity

    These days, hotel lobbies provide a clue as to how the rest of the experience is going to be. Take advantage of this fact. View your lobby as more than a waiting area or entrance hall. Consider it an opportunity to showcase exactly why your hotel is a glamorous experience worthy of being coveted. In the past, hotel experiences were simply a part of going on vacation. These days, however, guests want to create an exciting highlight reel of the entire journey, hotel included. Make their dreams come true. Enhance your hotel design by upgrading your interiors.

    Let's recap Use entertaining wall coverings and sophisticated colour palettes to get the exclusive party started when visitors walk in the door. Generate a sense of personalisation with every visit by treating guests to eclectic room decor equipped with soft furnishings and curvy edges. Take the time to make that first impression a fancy, positive, and glamorous experience your guest will want to return to.