Passion for Fabrics


Zu Design, headquarter found in Hong Kong at 2003, one of the premium wholesalers of fine premium furnishing fabrics and lifestyle wallcovering distributors throughout Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China.


Driven by passion for textiles and innovation, we continue to design and distribute varieties of upholstery, drapery, outdoor, wall coverings and contract collections to the Mainland China and Hong Kong market.


Zu Design manages two in-house premium brands "Zu Design" and "Cool Fabric"; and distributes three global brands ;"FR-One", "UV-Pro" and "FiberGuard". All are suitable for residential and commercial applications. Currently, Zu Design and Cool Fabric have one of the largest collections available in the world.
Eco friendly
We take pride in offering products which are non-harmful to the ecosystem, yet we never compromise on quality. We are committed to a social contribution - to step out of our comfort zone and develop more footprints in charitable venues and orphanages, leaving a lasting impact where it matters.
In the past 15 years, we have contributed to hundreds of projects, offering strong support to our customers. This makes us an extremely experienced partner in the contracting business.
Fixed value
Established in 2003, we have grown to be a prestigious fabric brand name in the home furnishing market.
We are a global company, who take pride in delivering the highest quality of fabric products and customer service .
Zu Design
Zu Design is a leading converter of furnishing textiles in Hong Kong and China, committed to innovation, quality and service. The company is dedicated to providing innovative design and products to both local and international markets. Our high standards are sustained through commitment to the above ideals and through a passion for innovation and creativity.
The Cool Fabric brand offers a high quality product at very affordable prices. We have optimized costs at every level of product development, marketing, sample manufacturing and distribution, resulting in a considerable cost reduction. Bottom-line, you pay less. We ensure quality through meticulous pre- and post-production lab testing, and physical fabric inspection.
FibreGuard is a trusted fabric quality label, which represents a perfect solution to carefree easy living. FibreGuard’s Stain-Free Technology allows you to enjoy your sofa, or favorite armchair, assured that it will be able to stand up to everyday stains. From ballpoint pen, to coffee, mud, red wine, and ketchup, common household stains are easily removed, allowing you to keep your fabric upholstered furniture looking fresh year after year. FibreGuard features a wide variety of fabric types, styles, and designs, seamlessly combining technology and style.

Zu Design is proud to be the exclusive distributor of FR-One in Hong Kong and China. Flame retardancy standards and regulations in the international contract market are currently both complex and confusing. The risks have changed, creating a need to improve the standards. With this in mind it is easy to see how FR-One was born out of a need to offer an instantly recognizable branded and guaranteed solution, which passes every international FR standard.

UV Pro Outdoor Fabrics
UV Pro fabrics are engineered to last years without losing their unique properties, like colourfastness, durability, water and stain repellency. The wide selection of designs and colour palettes make UV Pro fabrics the most practical and functional solution for outdoor use. UV Pro is also the perfect solution for interior fabrics that look beautiful and fresh, year after year. Includes a number of designs suitable for contracts. Get inspired by our new All Out Collection.